Finally driving in OMSI makes sense!

Work in a virtual bus company! You get a shift schedule, which you have to drive and afterwards you receive a detailled evaluation!
While driving you can see all important data (current schedule, time, temperature, delay and much more)
Alternitavely you can also see these data in the app (the app is optional and does not have to be used)! Additionally you can control many things with the app (ticket selling, IBIS, door control).

You can also login with your AOD account and use new features.

Latest news

New map: Landkreis Glesien - 19.02.2017 Von [PeDePe] Phillip

Landkreis Glesien can be bought from the companies in the AOD multiplayer from now on!

Update - 12.02.2017 Von [PeDePe] Phillip

- Damage model will now be activated several seconds after OMSI has loaded

Bus company simulator - 08.02.2017 Von [PeDePe] Phillip

Here we will present you our new add-on for OMSI 2!

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