Finally driving in OMSI makes sense!

Work in a virtual bus company! You get a shift schedule, which you have to drive and afterwards you receive a detailled evaluation!
While driving you can see all important data (current schedule, time, temperature, delay and much more)
Alternitavely you can also see these data in the app (the app is optional and does not have to be used)! Additionally you can control many things with the app (ticket selling, IBIS, door control).

You can also login with your AOD account and use new features.

Latest news

New Support Center - 14.06.2017 Von [PeDePe] Phillip

Our product portfolio is increasing, that's why we've made a central place for our support for all our projects.
In our new support-center at you are getting support for Advanced Omnibus Driver, OmniNavigation, Bus Company Simulator and Maths Teacher Simulator. You also find there a knowledge base where you can already see the solutions for known problems, before creating a ticket. As an additional highlight you can reset the activations of your licenses there, without contacting the support.
We hope that we can help you with our new support center in all cases of problems!

Link to the new Support Center:

Trailer: Bus Company Simulator - 08.06.2017 Von [PeDePe] Phillip

In 2 weeks, the Bus Company Simulator finally appears! Today we show you in our trailer what you can expect :)

Order on or in the AOD software to benefit from the discounts (10 % pre-order discount, up to 25 % AOD discount, 20 % OmniNavigation discount)!

Trailer DE:
Trailer EN:

Company registration for the Bus Company Simulator - 07.06.2017 Von [PeDePe] Phillip

Owners of an AOD company with lifetime license get the chance to found a company in the Bus Company Simulator directly at release. We offer the possibility to transfer the money of the AOD company completely to the new Bus Company Simulator company. So the company in the Bus Company Simulator don't have to start at 0, maps and buses can be bought directly.

If you have an AOD company with lifetime license and would like to accept this offer, start the AOD software now and fill out the registration form! :)

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