1. Download and install software
2. Create account in the software (necessary for synchronisation)


3. Download app and login with the same account
4. The app can be connected with OMSI 2, after you have started OMSI 2 with the AOD.

If you have questions or problems you can find a manual here . If your problem is not listed yet, you can write a question in our forum or per mail (


Free trial version!

Control center rides: free
Singleplayer License: 7,99 €
Multiplayer License: 13,35 €

Bundle (Singleplayer and Multiplayer License): 17,69 €

Own company: between 4,38 € and 7,81 € per month (or 87 € once [until 77 € discount if you have already a company license])

Java must be installed!

The Advanced Omnibus Driver does not need high systemrequirements, but it can only be used in combination with OMSI 2, this is why you need the following systemrequirements:
Operating system: Windows Vista/7/8/10
Processor (CPU): 2,6 GHz (at least 2 cores, recommended are 4 cores)
Main memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphic card: Geforce® ATI Radeon® at least 512 MB
Permanent Internet connection
Current OMSI 2 version!

Even with inferior hardware as indicated above, the game may work fine, depending on the individual OMSI 2 settings and the size and complexity of the map, you are driving.

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