Advanced Omnibus Driver
for OMSI 2

By PeDePe

Work in a virtual bus company! You get a shift schedule, which you have to drive and afterwards you receive a detailled evaluation!
While driving you can see all important data (current schedule, time, temperature, delay and much more)
Alternitavely you can also see these data in the app (the app is optional and does not have to be used)! Additionally you can control many things with the app (ticket selling, IBIS, door control).

Damage model

Game modes

  • - Career mode: First, you need to apply for a map and pass the test drive, then you can work on this map. For each ride you will earn a salary that varies depending on the map. With that money you can buy some new lines and buses or apply yourself in a new map. If you want, you can also use your own purchased bus, but then you have to pay the fuel yourself.
  • - Shift schedule: Choose all maps and busses you wanna play at the moment and enter how long you wanna play. Then you will receive a random generated shift schedule for one of the chosen maps (which mostly consists of serveral trips), which you have to play.
  • - Single task: Choose all maps and busses you wanna play at the moment. Then you will get a contract from one of the chosen maps, which you have to play. After completion you can request a new contract (starting from the place, where you are at that moment).
  • - Free Play: Play OMSI normally without contract, just with the displays and controls of the app